Technical Team

James A. Carroll, Project Geophysicist

Mr. Carroll joined Bell & Murphy in 1997 as a consulting geophysicist. He is registered, licensed and certified by the Texas Board of Professional Geoscientists and the State of Louisiana Board of Professional Geoscientists. He has more than 40 years of on and off shore domestic and international successes in oil and gas. He has worked as an independent consultant in geophysics since 1992. International experience includes 3D survey design and detailed interpretation of prospective acreage in the Cooper Basin, South Australia. Prior to joining the BMA technical team he was District Geophysicist with Santa Fe Minerals (1988-92), and Chief Geophysicist for Wessely Energy Company/TCPL Resources (1984-88). Prior to Wessely Energy, he held various management positions with Dome Petroleum, Gulf Oil Company and Delta Exploration Company.

Rincon Energy LLC, Geophysical Consultants

Rincon has extensive experience in seismic processing and currently performs in-house pre-stack time migration, and high-resolution velocity analysis and CDP gather conditioning for AVO interpretation.  Using this unique in-house capability and experience, Rincon is actively generating high impact exploration prospects for select clients. Rincon Energy focuses primarily on exploration, and has drilled multiple successful, high impact wells worldwide. In addition to exploration, Rincon has extensive experience developing large oil fields around the world and has expertise in development geology and reservoir modeling and simulation.

Synterra Technologies, Geophysical Project Mgmt.

Synterra Technologies Pty Ltd. is a seismic consulting company offering a complete range of geophysical services to the petroleum, coal seam gas and mineral exploration industries. Mark Kneipp, Synterra’s Australia based Vice President, Exploration and the Nike 3D Project Manager is highly experienced in geophysical project operational delivery, technical support and quality control, implementing Project Management Systems with the ability to plan, design, manage and execute projects of any size and complexity.